Studs Running Shoe Ultra Jogging Shoe All Terrain Shoe Ultimate Jogging Shoe


• Extra traction when you need it
• Works even on sheet ice
• Easy to install
• Removable

Running Shoe

Based on the same theory as our Running (Jogging) Shoes the Equine Jogging Shoes provide your horse with the utmost comfort.

Ultra Jogging Shoe

• Higher durability in abrasive terrain
• Extra outer sole protection
• Increased center concavity
• Improved grip on mud and wet grass
• Machine washable

All Terrain Shoe

• Carbon-look, non-leather upper
• Very easy to put on and off
• Increased size range (7-16)
• Thicker sole for increased durability
• Better grip off-road/tough terrain

Ultimate Jogging Shoe

• Innovative velcro fastening
• No external straps or buckles
• Carbon-look durable upper
• Very easy to put on and off
• Increased size range (7-16)
• Sold as singles

Welcome to the North American website for the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes. These innovative, totally flexible, rubber-soled hoof boots offer a fantastic alternative to metal horse shoes and are designed to allow the hoof to function as nature intended. Suitable for most disciplines including trail riding, dressage, jumping, driving and also as a rehabilitation aid for injured or sensitive hooves.


The Ultra Jogging Shoe is designed for horses who need a little extra sole support or who are being ridden on tarmac, grass or gravel




The Ultimate Jogging Shoe features and innovative velcro fastening system which eliminates the need for external straps and buckles


All Terrain

All Terrain
The brand new All Terrain is here! Same field-proven upper of the Ultimate but with a thicker sole for added protection and lifespan



All Terrain
Add another layer of comfort with Jogging Shoe Pads in either rubber or felt and increase traction on slippery mud or ice with our stud kits