Boots for Horses

There are many different types of boots for horses now available. The Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes have many unique advantages over the majority of those boots.

Ultra Jogging Shoe flexibility


The Equine Jogging Shoes are the first equine horse boots to offer a fully flexible sole and upper which allows full range of motion for both the lower leg and hoof. This allows the lower leg to function as naturally as possible whilst still providing protection to the hoof. The fastening mechanism is design so as to not affect either the range of motion of the pastern or the expansion of the hoof capsule. The design of the sole ensures that there is no restriction to hoof mechanism unlike some traditional boots and horse shoes. The thin, flexible sole enables the horse to feel the ground which not only helps the horse be more confident on rough terrain but also helps toughen up the sole and frog by providing natural stimulation. See Best Horse Hoof Boots page.


They are one of the lightest hoof boots for horses on the market and this means that the horse has less interference as additional weight on the end of the leg can greatly affect the quality of the horse’s gait.


The Equine Fusion Ultra Jogging Shoe upper is made of a very breathable material which prevents moisture build up. This makes them a great rehab/turnout boot as the hoof stays much drier and so less likely to develop thrush.


When correctly fitted, the Jogging Shoes are almost impossible to loose due to the way they attach to the hoof. No more worrying about these horse shoes flying off when cantering through water or deep mud!


The Jogging Shoes are super easy to keep clean as you can put them in the washing machine and then tumble dry on low (Ultra and Performance models only). The Ultimates and All Terrains can be hosed off and left to air dry. By keeping them clean you will prolong the life of the horse boot and ensure maximum comfort to your horse.

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