Easycare Mini Boot Comparisons

Below are some photos to show how the Equine Jogging Shoe mini hoof boots compare to the Easycare Mini boots. The size 3 Mini sits between the size 8 slim and 8 regular Jogging Shoe, so both are included for comparison.

As you will see the comparative-sized Jogging Shoe is much lighter than the Easycare Mini. When you are dealing with small equines, a few extra grams of weight can make a big difference. The size 8 All Terrain Jogging Shoe is 40 grams (almost 20%) lighter than the size 3 Easyboot Mini and the 8 slim Jogging Shoe is 60 grams (almost 30%) lighter.

The Jogging Shoes also have a more ergonomical fit around both the hoof and the pastern. This helps keep the boot in position and prevents interference from the boot upper so lessens the chance of rubbing. It also means they fit snugger around the pastern which prevents debris from getting into the top of the boot.

The design of the Jogging Shoes also keep the hoof closer to the ground. This is especially important if you are competing with your Mini as it allows better proprioception (feel) which in turn provides better traction.


If you are just needing a boot for a therapy mini/shetland who is only going to be walking around then the Easycare Minis will fit the bill, but if you plan to drive, compete or need a boot for rehab that won’t cause rubbing then the Jogging Shoe is the hands-down winner. And don’t just take our word for it, see the testimonials below:

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