Equine Jogging Shoe Tips

Below are some tips for getting the best out of your Equine Jogging Shoes.

Tip No 1: Putting the Ultimate and All Terrain boots on

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The small strap on the inside of the Ultimates and All Terrains is attached to the right-hand side of the boot. To open up the boots fully you will need to feed this strap back down through the ring on the inside of the boot. Be careful not to pull it right out of the loop. Once you have done that you will then be able to fold the back of the boot down so that you can see how the sits in the boot once on.

When you close the velcro flaps try to line the top edges up ensuring that the top flap sits just slightly below the bottom flap. This is so that the rough edge of the velcro doesn’t touch the skin. It is easier to do this when the small strap has been fed back down through the ring as the large flaps are then easier to position.

You want the velcro to be as tight as possible. If you have a large hoof on a fine-boned pastern you may have to angle the velcro to get a tight fit. If you do this still make sure the rough top edge of the outside flap is not touching the skin.

Then, using a hoof pick through the loop at the top, pull up on the small strap as much as you can and fasten to the velcro. This ensures that the toe of the boot sits snugly against the toe of the hoof. When you do this you will notice that the velcro flaps will move down and sit snugly against the pastern.

Tip No 2: Keep the velcro clean


  • the cleaner the velcro the better it sticks and the longer it lasts

You can purchase the Velcro Cleaning Brush featured in the video by clicking here. This brush is made of plastic so will not cause damage to your velcro.

Tip No 3: Secure the velcro flaps with Gorilla Tape

Perfect for:

  • horses that move close and catch the inside flaps on the Ultimates or All Terrains
  • when riding through long grass or high brush

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Use 1″ width Gorilla Tape. It is better than Duct Tape as it is much stickier so will stay on through rivers/creeks and deep mud as long as the boot is dry when you apply the tape.

It peels off easily after you are done and will not damage the boots as long as you stay below the neoprene at the back of the boot and remove after each ride.

Tip No 4: Use a sock as a gaiter

Perfect for:

  • horses that have super sensitive skin
  • horses that have bigger hooves with fine pasterns
  • when riding through long grass/high brush to prevent seeds getting into boots

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Make sure you choose an appropriately sized sock so that the elasticated top is not too tight around the pastern. If it’s a small gap that you need to fill, choose a thin sock. If it’s a large gap then choose a thick sock.

Always make sure that the material is smooth with no bunches that might cause pressure points and that the hair is laying flat after applying the sock. You can do this by first pulling the entire sock up the leg by 2-3″, then pulling back down to the original position.

Keep the heel part of the sock underneath the heels of the horse as this will keep the sock in place when putting the boot on and during the ride.

Tip No 5: Use Shoe Goo for reinforcement and repairs

Perfect for:

  • fixing tears or wear spots especially in the Ultras
  • reinforcing the back of the boots for horses that overreach
  • fixing leaks in your own boots and shoes!!!


I came across this product a while ago and was amazed at how useful it is. It is a very strong adhesive and the trick is to apply it in thin layers rather than goop it on. For those who use the Ultras as turnout boots this product can extend the life of the boots quite dramatically.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer’s website: Eclectic Products

Available from most hardware stores as well as Walmart and Target.

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