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Hoof Boots Canada – The Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes are now available direct from Canada.

Our Canadian office is near 100 Mile House, BC and we mail out the boots using Canada Post’s expedited mail service which takes on average:

1-2 days to British Columbia/Alberta addresses
3-4 days to Saskatchewan/Manitoba
4-6 days to all other provinces

Boots are normally shipped within 1-2 business days from the date that you place your order.

The Equine Jogging Shoes come in three models: the Ultras, the Ultimates and the All Terrains. All three models are lightweight and machine washable. There are also Comfort/Felt Pads and Stud Kits available.

Ultra Jogging Shoes

Ultimate Jogging Shoe


Dampening pads

The Ultra Jogging Shoes come in two colours, red and black and sizes 10-15 (10-15cm length). The are a fully flexible hoof boot that works with the biomechanics of the horse’s hoof. They are made of a breathable, soft upper with a flexible rubber sole. The sole has increased centre flexibility for maximum frog pressure. They are suitable for arena riding, trail riding, jumping, driving, and turnout/rehab.

The Ultimate Jogging Shoes are made of a carbon-look material that makes them very durable whilst still flexible. They feature a new fastening system that has eliminated all the straps and buckles. They also come in a larger range of sizes from 7-16 including slim versions of each size.

The All Terrain Jogging Shoe comes in one colour, black and sizes 7-16 including slim versions of each size. The sole is twice as thick as the other Jogging Shoes and has been designed for improved grip off-road which makes them more suited to off-road trail riding.

The Dampening Pads come already cut to size and are extremely durable.

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