Dampening Pad

The equine Dampening Pad is designed along same principles as the Jogging Shoe, thereby allowing you to add extra cushioning whilst still maintaining flexibility.
Equine Fusion Ultra Jogging Shoe


  • Designed to compliment the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes
  • Shock absorbing, super flexible and extremely robust
  • Made from a specially designed rubber compound
  • Extremely good memory, almost no deformation during usage
  • Extends the life of the Jogging Shoes
  • Only 4mm thick
  • Pre-cut for sizes 7-16, each size has cut lines for slim size


$20 US / $24 CAN per pair plus shipping.


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Made from a specially designed rubber compound the equine Dampening Pad has extremely good memory and almost no deformation during usage, which means these pads last a very long time.

The superb flexibility, dampening and bio-mechanical properties make this pad ideal for both riding and rehabilitation.

They add a new dimension to the shock-absorbing capabilities of all the Jogging Shoes so are highly recommended for high-impact activities. They are also recommended for horses with sensitive hooves as they add another layer of protection for the sole area.

Only 4mm thick so does not interfere with the sizing of the Jogging Shoes.

The addition of the pads to the Jogging Shoes will extend their lifespan on an abrasive terrain.

The pads have a cut-line on them for the Slim version of each size.

They can also be used with other makes and styles of hoof boots – best to order the largest size (16.5cm x 16cm) and cut to fit.

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